Reprints and novelties Steingräber Edition

H. Marteau Marteau, H. (1874-1934)
8 classical songs with accompanying by string quartett
D-Dur op. 19 b

H. Marteau Marteau, H. (1874-1934)
8 classical songs with accompanying by piano solo
D-Dur op. 19 c

Streichquartett H. Marteau Marteau, H. (1874-1934)
String Quartett No. 2 D Major op. 9 in four movements. Duration: 30 minutes

Sonaten von F. Schubert Schubert, Franz (1797-1828)
The Steingräber Verlag has reprinted ten Schubert Sonatas They have been revised by Walter Rehberg

St 2576 Sonate Nr. 1 E-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 157
St 2577 Sonate Nr. 2 C-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 279
St 2578 Sonate Nr. 3 As-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 557
St 2579 Sonate Nr. 4 E-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 568
St 2580 Sonate Nr. 5 Fis-Mol (Walter Rehberg), D 571
St 2581 Sonate Nr. 6 H-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 575
ST 2582 Sonate Nr. 7 A-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 537
St 2583 Sonate Nr. 8 Es-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 568
ST 2584 Sonate Nr. 9 F-Moll (Walter Rehberg), D 625
St 2589 Sonate Nr. 14 C-Dur (Walter Rehberg), D 840

Sigfrid Karg-Elert Sigfrid Karg-Elert (1877 - 1933)
ST 2401

30 Caprices for flute solo

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, F. (1809 - 1847)
ST 1814

Violin Concerto E-Minor op. 64
arranged by Henry Marteau
Ed.-Nr. 1814

Cover Piano Workout For public concerts and domestic music-making - performance pieces for violin and piano from the classical and romantic period

Single editions for pupils, beginners to medium grade. Suitable and musically rewarding performance pieces selected and edited by H. Marteau. Works that at the same time mark the completion of basic studies and are already a preparation for the great concertos by Viotti, Kreutzer and Rode.

Boccherini Menuett A-Dur ST 1969
Offenbach Barcarole ST 1860
Händel Largo aus „Xerxes“ ST 2501
Gounod Cäcilienhymne ST 2503
Berlioz Träumerei und Caprice ST 2504
Vieuxtemps 6 Morceaux Op. 55 ST 2506
Schubert Ständchen ST 2509
Rubinstein Melodie Op. 3 ST 2525
Bach-Gounod Ave-Maria ST 2551
Raff Kavatine Op. 85 ST 2502
Marteau Vergebliches Ständchen aus Capricen Op. 25
ST 2258

Haydn - Mozart Album  - 
14 well-known pieces for violin and piano
ST 686

in easy arrangements by Richard Hofmann

1. Haydn: Andante – Andante
2. Haydn: Romanze – Andantino un poco Allegretto
3. Haydn: Serenade – Andante cantabile
4. Haydn: Rondo all’Ongarese – Presto
5. Haydn: Ochsen-Menuett – Tempo di Menuetto
6. Haydn: Menuett – Moderato
7. Mozart: Allegretto – Spiccato
8. Mozart: Allegro
9. Mozart: Menuett
10. Mozart: Champagnerlied – Allegro
11. Mozart: Andante
12. B. Flies: Wiegenlied (Andante)
Die Komposition wurde früher fälschlicherweise W.A. Mozart zugeschrieben
13. Mozart: Andante
14. Mozart: Türkischer Marsch – Allegro

22 famous classical christmas pieces selected and edited by Wilhem Stahl
with comlpetion for violin I, cello and violin II
 ST 2241

1. Buxtehude: Lobt Gott ihr Christen allzu gleich
2. Buxtehude: Ein Kind geboren zu Bethlehem (Puer natus in
3. Pachelbel: Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
4. Corelli: Pastorale aus dem Concerto grosso op. 6 Nr. 8
5. Walther: Gelobet seist du, Jesus Christ
6. Walther: Lobt Gott, ihr Christen, allzu gleich
7. Walther: Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
8. Walther: Vom Himmel hoch da komm ich her
9. Bach: Gelobet seist du, Jesus Christ (Aus dem Weihnachtsoratorium)
10. Bach: Nun singet und seid froh (In dulci jubilo)
11. Händel: Sinfonia Pastorale (Hirtenmusik) aus dem Messias
12. Mozart: Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann (12 Variationen über „Ah, vous dirai je, maman“)
13. Beethoven: Tochter Zion freue dich, Variationen
14. Schumann: Knecht Ruprecht, op. 68 Nr. 12
15. Schumann: Winterzeit op. 68 Nr. 38
16. Liszt: Die Hirten an der Krippe (In dulci jubilo)
17. Liszt: Marsch der heiligen drei Könige (Adeste fideles)
18. Raff: Gloria (Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe) op. 216 Nr. 4
19. Raff: Pastorale op. 216 Nr. 5
20. Raff: Um den Christbaum, op. 216 Nr. 6
21. Gade: Die Weihnachtsglocken op 36 Nr. 1
22. Gade: Der Weihnachtsbaum (Einzugsmarsch) op. 36 Nr. 2

Cover Piano Workout Lüdemann, Hans born 1961 in Hamburg
(Echo-Jazz-Award 2013)
In line with our publishing house's traditional focus on educational music (Damm Piano Method) we have published PIANO WORKOUT, a modern piano method with accompanying CD. The fast lane to better piano playing, developed by Cologne pianist Hans Lüdemann. The study programm for perfect piano playing with the right exercises for maximum success. The modular system of 15 minutes personal training per day offers a wide range of possibilities including a comprehensive professional workout.

Ed.-Nr. St 110

Marteau H. Violinkonzert C-Dur op. 18 Marteau, H. (1874 - 1934)
Violin Concerto C Major op .18
"Simply tremendous" was Henri Marteau's admiring comment on the violin concerto which his friend Max Reger had dedicated to him and which he also premiered (with the Gewandhaus orchestra Leipzig under the direction of none other than Arthur Nikisch). It would also be an apt description of his own concerto. Particularly impressive about Marteau's 50 minutes long work composed in 1916 is its dimension and the superbly written solo part. As a violinist he affirms the primacy of the melody and avoids encumbering it with too much compositional sophistication as his colleague Reger did.
Reconstruction of the score by Raoul Grüneis
Scoring: Vl solo–Picc(=III.Fl).2(II.=Picc).2.Ca.2(II.=B-cl).2.Cbsn-
Duration: 50 minutes

(Performance material for rent) Ed.-Nr. St 2284

Erdmann, E. (1896 – 1958)
Symphony for Big Orchestra No. 1 op. 10
The symphony, dedicated to his teacher Alban Berg, was his most important work with which he established his reputation as a composer. He was subsequently to become one of the best-known and acclaimed composers in Germany. (World premiere CD recording 2001 by the Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester, Saarbrücken / Israel Yinon)
4(III&IV=Picc).3(3=Hcklphn).Ca.3.ClEb.B-Cl.4.Cbsn - – Timp – Perc – Glckspl – Pf – Hp - Str, Duration: 23 minutes

(for rental) Ed.-Nr. St 2268/2269

Moser, R. (1892-1960)
Concerto for Cello, String Orchestra, Harpsichord or Piano and Timpani op. 44
Duration: 35 minutes

(for rental) Ed.-Nr. St 2614/2615

Bach, J. S. (1685 - 1750)
Major Keyboard Works, Vol. 1 and 2
The "Critical Edition with Fingerings and Dynamic Markings" edited by Dr. Hans Bischoff between 1880 and 1884, today still regarded as exemplary, established Bischoff's reputation as an editor and served to consolidate the image of Steingräber Edition as a publisher of classics.

Ed.-Nr. St 111 und STV 112

Haberbier, E. (1813 - 1869)
Etudes-Poesies op. 53 and 59, arranged by Gustav Damm (Theodor Steingräber)

Ed.-Nr. St 658

Wiederauflage Hermann Scherchen Wiederauflage Max Trapp

Scherchen, H. (1891-1966)
String Quartet No. 1 E Major op. 1 in four movements.
Duration: 42 minutes
The premiere took place in 1920 in Weimar at the 50th 'Tonkünstler Fest'. Scherchen, who was open for all styles and techniques, also embraced more audacious experiments. This is reflected in this work's modernity.

Ed.-Nr. St 2266

Trapp, M. (1887-1971)
Piano Quintet for Piano, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello in C Minor op. 3 in 4 movements
Duration: 30 minutes
"His refreshing inventiveness is very engaging, as is his extraordinary talent for form. In particular the closing movement with its fugato is masterly, revealing a very purposeful design and a free and bold structure." Sign. f.d. mus. Welt

Ed.-Nr. St 2012

Joachim Raff

Raff, Joachim (1822-1882)
30 Progressive Etudes WoO 36
The first of these etudes appeared in 1869 in the piano tutor "Weg zur Kunstfertigkeit" ("Path to Artistry") written by Gustav Damm (Theodor Steingräber). In October 1883, one year after Raff's death, Steingräber published the complete set. "Progressive" does not so much refer to increasing technical difficulty, but rather to a gradual shift from the more straightforward, simple exercises of the first pieces to the more extensive and sophisticated compositions of the second part.

Ed.-Nr. St 470

Wiederauflage Hummel St 555Wiederauflage Hummel St 556

The Steingräber Verlag has reprinted two piano concertos by J. N. Hummel.

They have been revised by Ed. Mertke, with underlaid 2. piano and fingerings.

Ed.-Nr. St 555
Piano Concerto in A-Minor op. 85
Ed.-Nr. St 556
Piano Concerto in B-Minor op. 89

Bach The Fugues of the Well-Tempered Clavier, displayed in score format with explanations of their structure
By Dr. Friedrich Stade, vol 1-2, plate number 605, order number 577-578; Steingräber Leipzig 1910; reprint Steingräber Offenbach 1970

The edition by Friedrich Stade is an invaluable aid for pianists and professionals of music theory as well as for teachers and students. All fugues are displayed as a multi-part score enabling precise tracking of all voices and their progression. No other edition provides such a clear picture of the thematic and motivic structure as does Stade's score format. The clarity of the score transcends any representation on two staves. Themes and contrasts, motivic relationships and sequential techniques, diminutions and augmentations, interlude techniques and other compositional measures become visible.

Suitable annotations in the musical text as well as remarks that precede each fugue convey a systematic compilation of the entire motivic and thematic material, which enables an organic whole to emerge from the observation of detail. The publication is based on the critical edition by Hans Bischoff (Steingräber Verlag, 1881), who published the musical text on the basis of personal source studies.

University professor Dr. phil. Jürgen Blume, Director of the Hochschule für Musik Mainz.

Ed.-Nr. St 577 und 578